Become a sexologist online

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Become a sexologist online

Fall 2018 Sex Therapy Cohort Weekends Complete schedule for Fall 2018 to be announced. A deposit of 0 is due at the time of application.

I: Sexual Attitude Reassessment (15 hours) II: Sexual Function and Practices (45 hours) III: Problems and Professional Issues in Sexuality (45 hours) IV: Sex Therapy Professional Skills (60 hours) Upon completion of the certificate, participants will be eligible to conduct 300 hours of practical training in sex therapy in discussion with an AASECT certified sex therapy supervisor. CIIS faculty will help you select a supervisor in your area or with whom you agree to work via Skype.Sex therapists are licensed clinicians (LPCC, MSW, MFT, RN, Psy D) who have additional training in the assessment and treatment of sexuality.AASECT sex therapy certification serves an unmet need for additional training and skills for addressing competently a wide range of concerns that often go unaddressed in psychotherapy, such as: arousal and desire concerns, desire discrepancies within a couple, difficulties with climax, emerging sexual identities, development of intimacy, open relationships and extra-marital affairs, diversity of sexual expression, cybersexuality, sexual trauma and rape, socio-cultural factors associated with sexuality, and painful sex.• You would become skilled in the complex assessment and treatment of the intersection between psychological, sexual and relational phenomena; • You would become competent in dialoguing and collaborating with a host of professionals to support your clients including pain specialists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, sexologists, sex surrogates, massage therapists, medical doctors, endocrinologists, sex educators, and others to address the needs of clients; and, • You would be poised to meet the unmet needs of the community.• Have a unique opportunity to train with a dynamic interdisciplinary team of sexuality experts.• Develop your clinical skills to an advanced level of expertise that integrates sexuality into your clinical practice, affirms diversity of sexual identities, develops competence and skill in addressing the intersection of relational issues and sexual ones and fosters embodied intimacy development through sexuality.• Enjoy the support & conviviality of a cohort of therapists, and professionals with whom you might consult or collaborate in the future.• Learn to be present to the ways in which you can more deeply understand your own sexuality and the sexualities of others and attitudes toward it.• Join an engaged & healing classroom atmosphere that nurtures our human capacity for curiosity, aliveness, well-being, affirmation & community.• Expand your scope of practice within your profession to include skills and insights from the certification training that would allow you to more ably help people navigate through intimacy and relationships.• Take advantage of applicable continuing education credits for this certificate.

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One of the requirements for becoming a psychosexual therapist is that you have training in appropriate cognate discipline.