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Dating the book of revelation

If written in Domitian's reign, then Revelation offers nothing for the preterist at all.

But he never reached the level of cruelty and irrationality that Nero did.

On the other hand, at Domitian's death, the general public "greeted the news..indifference...", though the military was upset, and the senators of Rome were delighted.

Obviously one could justifiably call either Nero or Domitian a tyrant.

Date The interpretive turn of Revelation depends strongly upon its date, so much so that the date of the book has implications as serious within Christianity as the date of the Gospels has outside of Christianity.

Having looked closely at the dates of the Gospels we have already laid some groundwork in terms of what is to be considered.

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But I agree with the patristic writers who described Domitian in terms of Nero.