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He distinguished himself by being a leader in the coordinated use of computer compositional tools and audio-video interlock.

Many of his clients were ad agencies whose commercials, needed tightly synchronized scores in a wide variety of musical styles, and major political candidates (like Bill Clements, Gov. Bob's client list has included American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, The US Air Force, JC Penney, Gaylord Entertainment, Lyrick Studios, Sony Entertainment, Marvel Animation, and many In the 90's, Bob became one of the top creators of music for kids in the US.

While working on the Barney® TV series, Bob started working on computer-based media projects.

He collaborated with Activision on a Playstation game, and developed sound tracks for several interactive CD-ROM projects.

Overnight temperatures falling to the low to mid 20s with daytime temperatures reaching 33 to 38.

Overnight temperatures falling to between 11 and 14 with daytime temperatures reaching 25 to 30. Overnight temperatures falling to between 14 and 17 with daytime temperatures reaching 25 to 31.He continued with commercial and industrial projects too; picking up a Gold Cindy Award for his work with JC Penney and Henry Grethel Clothing, created music for The Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Sidekicks, and produced for major industrial clients like Interstate Battery Systems of America and World Vision.Singleton Passenger Train As a teenager, I used to travel regularly to Gosford, and occasionally stay with my dad, who resided in Belmont at the time.After Season 3 of Barney & Friends, he was replaced by Joe Phillips who took over as music director for the series, but Bob returned to work on the score for several second generation Barney Home Videos and did the music for the Barney home video previews from 1997-2000.Bob Singleton is an experienced, classically trained composer and producer with deep roots in rock, jazz and ethnic music.

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Bob Singleton was the music director for the rest of the Barney & the Backyard Gang series, and first three seasons of Barney & Friends.

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