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Therefore, the seemingly easy process in fact requires a great deal of the knowledge and art of Indian pharmaceutical science which can be obtained by constant practice and experimentation under the able guidance of some learned person. Most of them are purely herbal therapeutic agents and are prepared by powdering the herbal drugs and then binding them with help of jaggery, honey, guggulu etc., or by lavigating with fresh juices or decoctions of different herbs and making pills of the paste thus obtained. Our proud standing in the domestic market and the faith shown by our esteemed customers in us for last 70 years is testimony to this fact in itself. LTD., pledge to stand by our standards in the coming years as well.

We also specialize in providing Agnikumar Ras, Arogyavadhini Vati, and Sutskher Ras.

“The healing science of Ayurveda is based totally upon the knowledge of ‘prakriti’, the individual constitution.Vata-Kapha types usually are lighter or shorter and smaller than a pure Kapha build and also might have proportionally longer limbs.Often this mixed Dosha type is more sensitive to the cold than any other Prakriti and shows many Kapha weaknesses like excess mucus and poor digestion.Emotionally they can feel insecure or even anxious.The Doshas are affected by the Gunas (Qualities) which bring out different mental states.

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