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The results of this analysis placed the eruption of Thera between 16 BC at a 95% confidence level.

Other results obtained from an olive branch with leaves still on it were in agreement: 1627 to 1600 BC with a 95% confidence level.

The eminent Egyptologist Manfred Bietak maintains that the radiocarbon dates differ from what can be accepted archaeologically by 120 to 150 years. ""There are no current grounds for thinking that the Egyptian historical chronology could be out by more than a few years," says archaeologist Peter Warren of the University of Bristol, U. "This chronology has been constructed by hundreds of expert Egyptologists over many decades."" Originally it was thought that some ash deposited in the Greenland ice pack that could be dated by ice-layer analysis supported the 1660-1600 date for the Theran eruption, but later chemical analysis showed that the ash came from some other volcano, so that this argument is now abandoned by Sturt Manning and the physicists. Pumice is a rock with myriads of glass-walled tiny bubbles that make it less dense than water, so that after a volcanic eruption it would have floated across the Mediterranean to many different shores. Bietak takes the "low chronology" for Egypt's Dynasty that places the reign of Tuthmosis III from 1479 to 1425 BC.

There were no examples of a successor style called Late Minoan IB (LMIB), which had motifs of octopi, dolphins, and other sea creatures.

Most archaeologists are of the opinion that the latter two of these categories are in agreement with their chronology for the various civilizations that interacted in the middle of the second millennium BC.

The radiocarbon evidence, however, has been interpreted as requiring that the Thera event be dated about 150 years earlier than the other two lines of evidence would seem to permit.

over 100 years later than the 1660-1600 bracket for the Thera eruption calculated by radiocarbon analysis.

Archaeologists therefore date the Thera eruption at roughly 1500 BC or slightly later. Pumice from the Theran eruption has also been found in Eighteenth Dynasty, likely post-1525 B. contexts at Tell ela mentioned in this quote was Manfred Bietak.

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It is already recognized that a change in the earth's magnetic field will affect the number of cosmic rays reaching the upper atmosphere, and hence the number of C ratio does not follow a straight line over the centuries, as compared to figures derived from dendrochronology.